Shipping / Address / Contact

Contacting me is easy, just email me!

Here my address that you will be sending your dolls to, it is a PO box: (This is the correct address!!)

You may address the box to Leilah Li or Culur Faceups, either is fine.

8117 West Manchester Ave.
Suite #151
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293


Please try and send your dolls in the smallest box possible. I ride my bike to the post office to pick up packages, so it your package won't fit in a standard bike basket or backpack, then it will take twice as long for me to pick it up. I also only make trips to the post office about 1-2 times a week, so there may be a slight delay after your doll has arrived. Also, if and when you order, I'd like to know when you send your doll off, that way I can estimate a day to go pick your doll up :-)


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