Commission Info & Prices

I will culur your doll to the best of my abilities, but if you are looking for me to replicate a doll, or commissioning me because your favorite artist is out of town, please do not commission me, I encourage original faceups and your imagination! 

 - Shipping is not included in the prices listed below - 
You may check the pricing for shipping before hand with my area code (90293) or email me for a quote!

BJD Prices
All BJD sizes - $75

 Faceup removal - $10
**Make sure your doll head is completely clean before sending. I will charge a faceup removal fee if I feel I must clean your doll before starting the faceup!**

*I will do Blythe / Pullip / Obitsu / Other, upon special request and my interest.

❤ Montser High - $55

Other services:
❤ Eyelash application - if you supply your own, it will be free. If you use mine - $5
❤ Manicure - $20 (All sizes)
❤ Pedicure - $20 (All sizes)
❤ Body blushing - $45 (Please ask if I am offering this service!)
❤ Body blushing removal - $20
❤ Fantasy painting - Available, but please contact me!
❤ Tattoos - Depends on size and detail - email for details!

*All prices are subject to change due to circumstance and amount of detail requested.

Generally, freckles, complex makeups (Gold/Silver/Irridecent colours), bright eyeshadow colours will tend to cost a little more because all colours are layered by hand because I do not use an airbrush. These are just some examples of some things that adjust the price.

Offered mods:
     Eye closing: Unavailable
     Elf ears: Unavailable
     Teeth: $25
     Piercings: (Contact me about this!)

     Eye opening:
               - From already open eyes: $25+
               - From sleeping eyes: Ask me about this!
     Elf ear sanding: $20-$30 (depends on size ear and size of doll)
     Seam sanding: Depends on how many/much seam damage there is (payment determined 
         after service is finished) Unavailable

Shipping details:

Shipping address is in Shipping / Address / Contact tab!
The address is a PO Box, so there is no need to worry if I cannot/do not pick up your doll the day it arrives. It's safe in my box at the post office :-)

When I send your doll back, if I feel the box you have sent your doll in is too large, I may change it out for a smaller one. If you want to ensure you receive the same box back, do leave a note or let me know, I will be sure to charge you as accurately as I can for the box size you send~

*I do not supply face masks - I highly encourage you to send your own! All damage due to lack of a face mask will not be my responsibility. Although, I will do my best to protect your doll!!

I am not responsible for stains, discolourations, or damage left from previous faceups / shipping and handling / whatnot. If I find any damage, I will notify you immediately and document it.  

Any further questions, please email me!
All emails / questions welcomed and encouraged!


  1. Hello! Was wondering, can you do Ever after High dolls by Mattel? If I were to buy one I think they would be good for it. If so, how much? Thanks :).

    1. Hi there! Yes I do! They would be the same as my Monster High commissions ^_^

  2. Hi, sorry to bother but may I ask what you mean by monster high being -$40
    Is that if we want a monster high doll colored/remade.

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  4. So am I correct in saying that these faces ups are for already owned dolls and that you don't make them yourself? Or do you also offer custom dolls?

  5. Hi! Could you tell me where I can find a faceup removal?

    1. Hello! It's right underneath "All BJD sizes". Faceup removals are $10 ^_^

  6. Hello! I was wondering if you do face ups of Dollfie Dream dolls. You said on the page that it was depending on your interest but I was just a little confused. Please and thank you.

  7. Is there a reason why eye closing is unavailable?

  8. I have a question! What about Disney's ball jointed dolls? Can you do face ups with those? If so, how much would it be?