Commission Form

Please fill out and send this form directly in an e-mail (no attached documents) must be sent to:

Subject your email: [Your Name]'s form

Username (or name you used to contact me):
Parcel Contents: (Please list EVERYTHING)
    - Wig?

    - Eyes?
    - Face mask (PLEASE send one, or make your own with a clean apple sauce cup, or cut the top or bottom of a water bottle off. The bottoms of paper cups work as well!)
    - Eyelashes?
    - Misc.?
Paypal Address (for invoice):

Your full name:

Value of contents (ONLY to be marked on customs forms if you live out of the United States):

* If you live outside of the Unites States, please fill out the shipping info above, as well as write out exactly how your address should be written on a parcel/letter:

Doll's Company / Sculpt / Size:
Doll's Gender:

Doll's Skin tone:
Doll's Mood / Expression:
Eyebrow Style: (References welcome!!):
Eyebrow colour:
Eyeshadow colour:
Specific colours / Themes:
Hair colour: 

Lip colour:
*A note about eyebrow colour: blond and light brown brows are almost impossible because they will blend with the skin colour of your doll. I recommend choosing a darker brow because the darker the brows, the more styles and colours your doll can wear. My brows tend to run dark anyways. If you would prefer lighter brows, do specify! Thank you!

Freckles (Specify placement):
Markings / Tattoos: 
Eyelashes Application (Yours or mine): (*IN STOCK!*)
Profile / Personality / Bio (Please fill out!):

 Where did you first hear about me/find me? (Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook...)

Anything else?: (If you ordered a manicure/pedicure, please tell me what you would like here! Feel free to add pictures as well)

Be sure that if you leave something blank, you are okay with whatever I choose.
Please be sure you fill everything out if you have very specific desires!

Any further questions, please email me!
All emails / questions welcomed and encouraged! 

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