If you commission me...

I am not responsible for any damage to your doll before it is in my possession, and after I have dropped it off at the post office. I do not give refunds for dolls that have already been paid for, are already in my possession, or have already been sent back.
INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: To ensure your doll does not get lost in transit, I highly recommend paying for tracking, and/or Priority or Express mail!


Q: I'd like to commission you! When and how do I do that?
A: You can commission me whenever! I do not have slots or certain openings. All you have to do is message me from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, and/or my Gmail and I'll get back to you asap! Or, if you are all ready to go and know everything you want, just send me a filled out commission form that is in the tab called 'Commission Form'.

Q: Will I see progress or get updates on my doll?
A: You will definitely be notified when I have received your doll, started your doll, what I am currently up to, when I plan to finish, and you will see final pictures. I usually do not take work-in-progress pictures, unless there is something I must clarify, but I will usually ask in words. If you have contacted me through Facebook, and you are online, you are more likely to receive quick and accurate updates.

Q: When do I pay?
A: I mostly have my commissioners pay for my services before I start working on doll(s), that way there are no complications (Ex: If you send me your doll, and you haven't or are unable to pay the full payment, I must hold onto your doll until you are able to pay). I also accept a small 'layaway' where you pay half the payment before, and half after I am done with the services you've paid for. And I do accept payment after the doll has been faceuped, but I do not accept changes to your doll if you do not like the faceup. 

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Depends on where you live, but you can get a quote from http://postcalc.usps.com/ where you just type in the area codes are estimated weight (about 14-17 oz for a small box, containing 1 head). This is what I do. My zip code us 90293, feel free to do your own estimate or you can contact me and I can do it for you. 
*Pricing is not always right, but I follow what the Postage Price Calculator says it will cost. I cannot refund money if I have asked too much, but along the same note, I will not make you pay more if I do not request enough money.

Q: Do you barter or do partial or full trades?
A: Yes, if I am interested and/or in need of what you offer!

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: Sometimes!

Q: I have another question that is more specific and isn't answered here...
A: Contact me! I don't bite! Although, if you ask a question that is here, I will most likely politely refer you to this again :-)

**By commissioning me, you have given me permission to use the photos I take of your dolls for social media purposes (Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, etc.) Contact me or clearly let me know before hand if you would like me NOT to use your doll in photos!**

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  1. Hi there! I have a doll but she’s a recasted doll. I’m new to the whole hobby so didn’t really know what a recast was until someone told me. Anyway, it’s really hard to find someone who will do a face up on a recasted doll but I got a link to your page from a tumbler page. So, long story short, do you do face ups on recast? If not I completely respect your decision!