Thursday, July 23, 2015

✘ Commissions: CLOSED ✘

For the first time since I started faceups, faceup commissions are closed.

∙    ∙    ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙     ∙ 

Those of you who follow me via either Flickr or Instagram may know that I'm going to Otis College of Art and Design this August! Woohoo!!

So faceup commissions are now closed, (July 23rd) until mid to late September.

So far it's been unclear, but when I have a better grasp of my schedule and time, I will announce whether I'll be having monthly slots or not. Right now it's looking like I will, but I would really like be loose with my slots, and be able to let 1 or 2 extra slots slide in :-)

Thank you everyone for your support, I really appreciate it during this time of change for me!!


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